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Sponsor A Radio Show

Become An Insite Radio and TV UK Sponsor

Increasing your business visibility through program sponsorships in our Radio and TV broadcast.

Fiercely independent, committed to the controversial, and provider of access, training, and programming, that’s INSITE RADIO Nottingham’s original community radio station. Since December 2013, listeners have relied on the real people with real voices that INSITE brings to air every hour of every day. And while INSITE is staunchly non-commercial, it has a long history of working with local businesses to get their message out to INSITE’s diverse listenership while ensuring continued access to the public airwaves.

Every day, retail stores, restaurants, concert promoters, theaters, service providers, labour unions, and many more reach out to INSITE’s progressive, diverse, and dedicated audience by sponsoring specific programs. Sponsors receive on-air acknowledgments during those programs that let listeners know who they are, the purpose of their business, location, and how to reach them for more information.

INSITE reaches over 3,000 listeners every week, and our listeners are faithful; over one-third listen for several hours each day and about half make INSITE their first or second choice of radio stations.


Sponsoring generally ranges from £10 per  program; remember, we only do two acknowledgments per program, so the number of programs and the number of acknowledgments is not the same.

Your Sponsoring Acknowledgment
A sponsoring acknowledgment always begins with the same lead-in: “This program is made possible in part by INSITE Foundation members and a grant from…” After that, we can go as long as 15 seconds, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but we fit quite a bit in.

What we cannot say is any statement that is qualitative (“the best…”), solicitory (a call to action, as in “call now!”), comparative (that is, language specifically intended to distinguish one’s business from one’s competitors), or includes price information. Nor can we use music beds (that is, theme music behind the acknowledgment).

I generally encourage people to think of the three main things they want to get across, and that works as a good starting point. The acknowledgement must be approved by both the sponsor and the station manager, and is likely to look something like the following:

Sample Sponsorhip Acknowledgment
This program is made possible in part by INSITE Foundation members and a grant from:

[your business name here], specializing in [your product or service]. [your business] is located at [your location]. For more information the number is [your phone number] or [your web address]


Because INSITE listeners tune in to hear what is left undone by other media sources, they are faithful; many listen for several hours every day.


The most eclectic schedule means your promotion targets the listeners you want to reach, whether they’re listening to Afrobeat or hip hop, public affairs or punk,or blues.


Since virtually every INSITE program is produced in our studios by members of Nottingham’s diverse communities, sponsorhip acknowledgments reach deeply into those communities.


Our listeners are educated, progressive, active, savvy, and of all ages


Sponsors align themselves with INSITE’s progressive values of peace,justice, multiculturalism, environmentalism, and inclusion; the values that are most important to our listeners


Because INSITE limits the number of sponsorships on every program, your message will always be heard loud and clear.

94% of consumers are more likely to switch brands if another brand supports a cause and is of similar price and quality*.
*Research brief from the Center for Media Research Global Consumers Want More Corporate Responsibility.

“The Halo Effect”: 60% of listeners have a more favorable opinion of a company that sponsors public radio.*

One station reported that listeners increased their purchases from new sponsors by an average of 14 percent during the six-month survey period. Their willingness to consider a new sponsor for future purchases improved 11 percent.*

Among members the gains were higher still; frequency of purchases and consideration for future purchases increased by 21 percent and 13 percent, respectively.*

Continuing sponsoring reaped the biggest benefits from sponsorship. For eight sponsored’ brands, listeners and donors increased their purchasing frequency at twice the rate of the general sample, and perceptions of the brand quality and consideration for future purchases grew by 9 percent or more.*

Additional Exposure

We list our sponsors at our website.

Contact us to become an sponsor

Please contact our advertising coordinator, John K, by calling 0115 837 3189 or by email john@insiteradio.info

INSITE shall not knowingly accept funds from individuals, organizations, or businesses which: are involved in weapons manufacturing; make investments in repressive governments, have been shown to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual preference, national origin, age, religion, marital status, or physical or mental disability;have been shown to tolerate sexual harassment;have been shown to use unfair labor practices; have been shown to be environmentally irresponsible; produce or distribute materials deemed offensive on the grounds listed above; or
INSITE’s Board of Directors determines would be detrimental to the social responsibilities of the station.
Additionally, INSITE shall not accept sponsorship from religious organizations or political candidates.
Sponsors agrees that sponsor’s support of Station, regardless of level or duration, shall not give sponsors any right to directly or indirectly influence program selection or content or Station policy on any matter. Any attempt by sponsors to influence programming based on advertiser’s financial support shall be grounds for terminating sponsorship agreement.


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