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  • Morrison in the country to create more awareness on spinal Injuries - Fijivillage
    FijivillageMorrison in the country to create more awareness on spinal InjuriesFijivillageListen to the latest news on our 5 radio stations Legend FM, Viti FM, Radio Sargam, FM96 and Navtarang. CFL Radio Frequencies. MOST POPULAR. Radrodro, Lutumailagi secure contracts to play professional rugby in France - Friday 21/07/2017.und weitere »
  • Major South Indian film being shot in Fiji - Fijivillage
    FijivillageMajor South Indian film being shot in FijiFijivillageA major South Indian film which is titled 'Party' is being shot in Fiji with the budget of the movie being about $10 million. The film is being directed by Venkat Prabhu and they are expected to shoot in Fiji for about two months. Prabhu says they ...und […]

Insite TV UK

Insite TV UK

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For most of the twentieth century, the only ways to watch television were through over-the-air broadcasts and cable signals.Aside from a few options like satellite TV, broadcast and cable were — and still are — the main ways to watch television.

New technology can change the way we receive news and entertainment, though. Radio challenged newspapers in the early 1900s, and television challenged radio. Now, it looks as though traditional television has its own competitor, but it’s not one that’s easily separated from television. It even has television in its name — it’s what we’re now calling Internet TV.

Insite TV UK has been created to operate in this mode and our aim is to bring about community cohesion and participation.

It is an undeniable fact that the BAME community for example is increasingly becoming part of the British community.Quite often issues arise between different communities and individual due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the other culture.

This online channel therefore aims at reaching out,engaging and informing different communities in particular Nottinghamshire in an inspirational way.

This channel will address and aim at enhancing our work in community cohesion and integration leading to healthier and happier communities while educating the wider society of the richness and diversity of different cultures.

The Channel will also highlight the contribution of BAME communities to the social,economic,technological and political welfare of this wonderful diverse Nottingham community.

For a chance to be part of this channel and contribute in kind and in cash please contact us.

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