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Insite Community Foundation

We firmly believe that wasting the opportunities or social gain offered by community radio is an abuse of privilege.As a community radio, we operate on behalf of the community we represent. In other words, the radio station doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to our community – we simply run it on their behalf.

We endeavour to prove that we are accountable to, and representative of our community .Our company structure should plant us firmly in our community and ensure that the needs and wishes of the people we serve are heard.

As a membership organisation, Insite Community Foundation ensures it is accountable to our Nottingham area’s diverse communities and our many stakeholder groups.

There are three categories of Insite Community Foundation members:

  • Voluntary organisations
  • Individuals
  • Private businesses

Members have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and receive regular information about our work. Members may also stand and vote in elections to the Board. Each membership category elects or nominates three trustee directors.

To apply to become a member of an Insite Community Foundation click below to download the relevant form(s).

An important part of the Insite Community Foundation’s role is to contribute to debates and policy development in the fields of various media productions, philanthropy, social action and other areas where we have expertise and knowledge gained from our work.

As a membership organisation we recognise that our members have a wide range of views and opinions and that, on some occasions, the views of the Insite Community Foundation will not necessarily represent those of all of our individual members

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