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Community Empowerment

Community empowerment refers to the process of enabling communities to increase control over their lives.

The BAME Communities in Nottingham may or may not be spatially connected, but we share common interests, concerns or identities.

By empowerment, we refer to the process by which our community can gain control over the factors and decisions that shape our lives. To find  the process by which we can increase our assets and attributes and build capacities to gain access, partners, networks and/or a voice, in order to gain control.

INSITE believes that people cannot “be empowered” by others; they can only empower themselves by acquiring more of power’s different forms (Laverack, 2008).We strongly believe that people are their own assets, and the role of the external agent is to catalyse, facilitate or “accompany” the community in acquiring power.

Community empowerment, therefore, to INSITE MEDIA is more than the involvement, participation or engagement of communities. It implies community ownership and action that explicitly aims at social and political change.

Community empowerment is a process of re-negotiating power in order to gain more control. It recognizes that if some people are going to be empowered, then others will be sharing their existing power and giving some of it up (Baum, 2008).

Power is a central concept in community empowerment and economic promotion invariably operates within the arena of a power struggle.

Community empowerment necessarily addresses the social, cultural, political and economic determinants that underpin economic and social progress, and seeks to build partnerships with other sectors in finding solutions.

Communication plays a vital role in ensuring community empowerment. Participatory approaches in communication that encourage discussion and debate result in increased knowledge and awareness, and a higher level of critical thinking. Critical thinking enables communities to understand the interplay of forces operating on their lives, and helps them take their own decisions.

And this is where Insite Media ie Insite Radio, Insite TV UK , Insite Media Training and Insite Community Empowerment provides the avenue and space for all the necessary communications to take place.

Apart from the media training, we as a company provides ourselves,Insite Media also liaise with other local service providers to empower our women,disabled and the children in the community.

We are currently looking at joining hands with local service providers like hair and beauty,cookery and decoration,dress making and fashion etc.to empower our women and young girls economically.

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