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Meetings are held at INSITE (unless otherwise noted) and are open to all – call ahead (0115 837 3189) to check times.

The Board of Trustees – Meets the 3rd Saturday of every quarter of the year.Mr Isaac Mensah is the Chair of the Board of Trustees.Meetings start at 6:00 pm.

Development Committee -The Development Committee shall advise the Board of Trustees regarding the corporation’s fundraising efforts and activities. For more info., contact INSITE’s Development Director (Mr Gillian at gillain@insiteradio.info
Events Committee – This committee coordinates events and outreach. For more info, contact the event Director (Mr Trusty Gushere at trusty@insiteradio.info

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee provides recommendations and feedback to the board on budgeting, accounting and finance. They review monthly and annual reporting. The finance committee meets  at INSITE radio station. Please e-mail INSITE’s Finance Coordinator with any questions. – mljobe@insiteradio.info

Personnel Committee – The personnel committee shall advise the Board of Trustees regarding the company’s personnel policies and practices. For more info.contact Personnel Director Mr Isaac Mensah at isaac@insiteradio.info

Programming Advisory Committee –  The Program Committee works with the Program Directors to evaluate programmers, develop programming ideas, and support INSITE Program Staff. Contact the Program Director: jacob@insiteradio.info

Volunteer and Community Engagement Committee – The  committee meets in connection with the recruitment and retention of volunteers and membership.For more information on this committee contact Mr Wonderson at wonderson@insiteradio.info

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