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About Insite


Welcome Note From C.E.O — Jacob Opoku
We are Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands, United Kingdom, & the World!

We broadcast at

Our Official Websiteins radio
On TuneIn Radio


Streema Radio  rl11

My Radio Stream



Core Values:
Values that are the essence of INSITE and should remain intact no matter how the station changes:

Community: local, accessible, empowering. welcoming, inclusive, participatory, involved
Progressive Perspective: questioning, vital, uncensored, controversial, activist resource, educational, journalistic integrity, reflecting justice, peace, sustainability and democracy.
Emotional Maturity: respectful, honest, fair, positive, peaceful, non-violent, engaging, open
Diversity: valuing, embracing, bridging, listening, understanding, giving voice
Leadership: bold, exploring, independent, cutting edge, responsible, excellence
Creativity: eclectic, traditional to experimental, idiosyncratic, innovative, iconoclastic. evolving, compelling
Mission Statement:
INSITE is an independent, member-supported, non-commercial, volunteer-powered community radio station. INSITE embodies equitable social change, shares knowledge, and fosters creativity by delivering locally rooted and diverse music, culture, news, and opinions, with a commitment to the voices of oppressed and underserved communities.

Vision Statement:
INSITE fearlessly strives to deliver powerfully just, lovingly eclectic, vibrantly provocative grassroots content while honoring our growing radical revolutionary legacy.
INSITE commits to providing an inclusive, empowering atmosphere to decolonize mass consciousness with humility and integrity, making a lasting and evolving impact on our communities.


INSITE embraces a creative climate that emphasizes fun, truth, beauty, joy, peace, love, and justice.
Programming Charter
INSITE shall be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to unserved or underserved groups. INSITE shall provide access and training to those communities.

INSITE news and public affairs programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for unpopular, controversial, or neglected perspectives on important local, national, and international issues, reflecting INSITE’s values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change.

INSITE’s arts, cultural, and musical programming shall cover a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental, and reflect the diverse cultures we serve. INSITE shall strive for spontaneity and programming excellence, both in content and technique.

A group of BME’s, disgruntled at the lack of a minority music station, organized themselves as Nottingham Listener Supported Radio in 2013. They had heard of KEMET FM, and the success of the station gave birth to INSITE MEDIA.

INSITE is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the membership, and a small management team which help coordinate the day-to-day operations and the number of volunteers who help make this community effort a reality.

Click the links below for more information about each of these parts of INSITE’s democratic structure:

Board of Trustees
INSITE Committees
INSITE Management Team
INSITE Policies

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