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  • Morrison in the country to create more awareness on spinal Injuries - Fijivillage
    FijivillageMorrison in the country to create more awareness on spinal InjuriesFijivillageListen to the latest news on our 5 radio stations Legend FM, Viti FM, Radio Sargam, FM96 and Navtarang. CFL Radio Frequencies. MOST POPULAR. Radrodro, Lutumailagi secure contracts to play professional rugby in France - Friday 21/07/2017.und weitere »
  • Major South Indian film being shot in Fiji - Fijivillage
    FijivillageMajor South Indian film being shot in FijiFijivillageA major South Indian film which is titled 'Party' is being shot in Fiji with the budget of the movie being about $10 million. The film is being directed by Venkat Prabhu and they are expected to shoot in Fiji for about two months. Prabhu says they ...und […]


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Insite Media is the trading name registered under the Insite Radio (UK) CIC.Our core objectives are to provide media broadcast through Radio,TV and enhance our local community through media trainings. We cover areas such as Radio broadcast training,TV/Visual production website designs and graphic design of all sorts.

rl3Insite Media is a social enterprise within the Nottingham local community with social objectives.We therefore principally reinvest our surplus for this purpose in the community.Insite Media is not rather driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

rl22Our organisation governance and ownership structure are based on participation by stakeholders groups (ie users,clients,volunteers,local community groups and social investors),management teams and trustees.These individuals control the organisation on behalf of the wider group of stakeholders.

rl11We are therefore accountable to our stakeholders and the wider community for their social environmental and economic impact.Our surplus is thus used for the benefit of our local community.

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